About us

In the year 2000 it was just that, a real idea by the company’s founder Mr. Dimitri.oztasar

Set up in Paulestii Noi, Romania, the company flourished and grew within a mere three years, expanding from just two production lines to what is today an award wininng, high turn-over manufacturer without incredible ability of exceeding a monthly turn-over of 1.000.000 garments, and all with a turn-around time of only two weeks !

Oz Tasar understands that the succes of the company is built not only on brilliant ideas but also on its staff, both management and shop floor personnel. With this in mind the working environment has a full range of facilities to meet all the needs of its staff. Thus on the 156.000 square meters of land that houses the 21.000 square meters of land that one will find a full complement of washrooms, shower rooms, changing rooms, canteens, healh & safety personnel with their own offices, and 24 hour on-site medical staff & medical rooms, all designed to ensure that the 3000 staff have all their needs met.

When the company had began its activities, the first and greatest impediment it overcame was related to the lack of experienced staff.

„Just a brilliant idea”

The type of garments and fabrics being used were completely new here. Even the most experienced workers,
who had spent their lives working in this field, still found it difficult to cope with the bias cut and soft fabric. However the company put forth the effort to train the workforce, overcoming all problems, growing to over 3000 employees with a monthly output of over 1000000 garments. The company functions on two agendas, quality and promptness. The quality of the garments that must satisfy the most demanding expectations of the customer. Secondly the absolute adherences to the delivery date, without any infringement. Having these two customer values as top priority has earned and preserved the trust of clients, who are thereby enabled to plan in advanced their own distribution of the garments to the retail sector.